Pros and Cons of Hybrid Workplace Model

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COVID-19 has made significant changes in the way we used to work previously. People were pushed to work from home when the lockdown was started. It was the time when they began to experiment with different types of work arrangement. Many people worldwide are still working from home and developing new communication and collaboration methods.

Many organizations have opened their offices, but the consensus among staff about returning to job still varies. While some professionals are happy to work from home, but others want to get back to the office. Many organizations do not provide any remote work policy to the employees. In the post-COVID situation, some firms also consider hybrid workplace models that encompass a blend of in-office hours and remote working.

Hybrid Workplace

A hybrid workplace model supports remote and office working. It is an effective amalgamation of physical and virtual offices. Hybrid workplaces enable employees to choose their work hour based on their personal schedule rather than a fixed office time. Organizations can also leverage the benefits of a hybrid workplace. They will need three groups of employees to make the most of hybrid working:

  • Office employees
  • Remote employees
  • Hybrid employees


The pros of the hybrid workplace model are as follows:

  • Work-life balance: Hybrid workplaces prioritize employees’ personal lives and help to maintain a work-life balance. It can also reduce work stress and manage anxiety among employees.
  • Get access to global talent: A hybrid workplace allows companies to boost their hiring criteria. You can diversify the workforce and find the best talent globally by making the most of hybrid workplaces.
  • Cost savings: Hybrid models help employers to save a lot on their operational cost. You can utilize the spare money in new technologies and premium furniture like an adjustable workstation table or chair.


The cons of a hybrid workplace are as follows:

  • Team Culture Can be Affected: Hybrid working can significantly hamper office culture. In-office employees might think that remote workers are not working as hard as them, and the remote employees might think that office goers are getting better opportunities than them.
  • It Is Not for Everyone: Many industries and job roles are not suited for hybrid working.
  • It Can Reduce Client Experience: Every business requires a certain level of client interactions. Hybrid working and modern technology can fix this problem to some extent but can’t mitigate it entirely.

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