How to Design a Reception Area That Stands Out

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The entrance area with a reception in the main role is one of the most significant places in your office building. It’s the first and last touchpoint of your facility with the visitors and guests. Since no one can make the first impression twice, it is worth trying to make the reception area unforgettable to make a meaningful impact on your clients. 

From the honest smile of the receptionist to the placement of the luxury reception desk, everything matters when it comes to design an impactful reception area. Here we will discuss all the parameters and reveal how you can create a reception area to make an exuberant impression on your clients. 


While choosing the colour scheme of the reception space, most of the owners make decisions based on their personal preferences. Always remember that the reception space is not the place where you can show your personal favourites. Choose colour wisely that reflects trusts, professionalism, and help visitors to connect with your brand. Softer colours are always preferred for reception rooms. 

Multifunctional Modular Reception Desk

You have to be very careful while buying the reception counter because it will be one of the most important pieces of furniture in your office. The front of the modular reception desk has to be durable, elegant, and fancy. It also has to be equipped with plenty of shelves from the inside where you can store:

  • Documents
  • first aid kit
  • Lockers and deposit safe
  • Necessary electronics

The desk should also have ample space on the top where you can conveniently place your computer, printer, CCTV monitor, etc. You can buy a Sinetica reception desk from Al Reyami Office Furnishings & Gen. Trading to give your reception a modern and iconic look. We are one of the most trusted brands selling premium luxury furniture in Dubai. 


If you get enough natural light flowing into your reception space, you must capitalize on it by keeping the window blinds or shades at a minimum level. However, if the reception space is darker, then consider installing soft lights in the room.  LED lighting feel more natural than overhead fluorescent bulbs. So going with LED lighting is a better option to make the reception room more welcoming. Overall, ensure that the room has enough lights so guests can conveniently read and feel relaxed.


The space in the reception hall is used to perform several functions. Apart from waiting in the reception area, people also carry on conversations here, read books, enjoy their coffee, etc. The larger the facility, the more it can fulfil the needs of guests or visitors.

We hope that the above tips will help you to design a reception area that stands out. Never underestimate the role of a trendy office desk or reception desk to make the reception space astonishing. 

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