Ideal for large and heavy inventory, ICAM BRUNOSTEEL Storage Cabinets are the perfect synthesis between quality, reliability, and functionality.

A Company that boasts the certified management systems ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, known for its refining steelmaking processes, ICAM BRUNOSTEEL is the Italian market leader in the production of metal storage and metal furniture. Their storage cabinets can be integrated in every working milieu.


Highly sturdy and versatile in nature, this is a series of sliding door cupboards that can be perfectly assimilated for creation of partitions, come with convenient top storage, and boast a remarkable weight capacity. The steel cabinets, available in different lengths and depths of 37, 45 and 60 cm, are made from 0.8 mm thick P01 sheet steel and are fitted with 1.2 mm thick reinforcements. The side panels of the cabinets have a 40 mm thick support with rounded external edges (R8). The doors made from bent steel are fitted with a welded reinforcement bar and are provided with a lock and handle with three way opening (top, bottom and centre). The back panels are made two elements with holes for fixing using 4.8×9.5 galvanized self- threading screws.



The tambour (a sliding flexible shutter or door on a piece of furniture made of strips of wood attached to a backing of canvas) cabinets represent a modern and flexible solution for storage requirements within the competent work environments. The simple construction of the cabinet allows for a fast and economic assembly, combined with a robust steel structure and a flexible plastic tambour. Within operative environments, institutions and reception areas, these tambour cabinets guarantee large storages spaces, convenient use and most of all a pleasing aesthetic result. 

The cabinets are made up of simple elements that can be easily assembled by means of a slotting system except for the back panel that can be screwed to the structure externally or internally. The fixing of the back panel from the inside of the cabinet guarantees a perfect fit, finish and the possibility of using the cabinet as a partition element. The closing system of the tambour minimizes the internal encumbrance and allows for a full range of accessories. Strong extractable shelves, vertical dividers, practical suspended filing frames and all accessories are designed to guarantee flexibility and utmost practicality.