Every office can be effectively spruced up with adequate décor for improved employee comfort and productivity and connections. The trend of embracing more personal and creative spaces that use décor and design as a motivation boost, is now in fashion.

When curve and linear components together define and furnish the reception area, an everlasting impression is created on the minds of all. HELLO counters are top-notch, enticing, and eloquent in nature. You will be amazed to experience its fine and polished elements. Make it matter!      


A functional reception counter

Large surfaces, square shapes and strong personality. The LINE RECEPTION reception counter is designed for lounges and places open to the public. This counter epitomizes a modern concept of office decor, where each component has a definite function and features flexibility and good looks. With its melamine panels and pleasant color scheme, LINE RECEPTION can be the focal point of a reception area, creating a zone where information and documents are handled with style.

Your reception area is your organizations’ Logo. Make it powerful. Make it timeless!