Sit to stand Workstations and Desks are trendy and a boom in today’s working environments. The reasons for this are manifold. In the first place, height-adjustable desks make the workplace more ergonomic and health promoting, including, for example, switching tasks, alternating between standing and sitting work, active break times, suitable work postures, etc. Secondly, a height-adjustable desk promotes up to 20% more mental activity. Furthermore, spinal injuries and spinal compression are another reason to incorporate standing into what would normally be a sitting-all-day work routine. Alternating between sitting and standing through work hours may seem to be the ideal choice that will boost productivity and impetus. Having this flexibility is healthy, inspiring and efficient for office workers.

With OKAMURA, height adjustment range is between 700 mm and 1,000 mm. It is an adjustable, ergonomic office desk – ideally one that can adjust from 22 inches up to 33 inches high. You can achieve the healthiest and most comfortable desk height for almost everyone with OKAMURA’S height adjustable desks, providing optimum physical ease and relaxation. It features a lift system that uses a simple lever to operate. Rectangular or Oval tabletops obtainable. Work-table in White, Neo wood light, Neo wood medium, or Neo wood dark. Made from recycled materials (50% by product weight). Developed and manufactured through an ISO14001 managed operation. 44% recyclable. Main components are labeled and easy to disassemble to aid recycling.

Standing while working can add years to your life. OKAMURA’S height-adjustable tables beckon you!