A robust, chic, high-powered Executive Leather Office Chair – Legender is inconspicuously adaptable.

Equipped with a mechanism geared towards kinematic considerations, i.e. movement, its Smart Motion technology is noteworthy with a dynamic seat tilt, integrated tension controls, as well as a moving backrest. With the Ankle tilt reclining mechanism, the chair maneuvers in unison with the body. Upholstered with extra-thick high-density sponge cushions, this office chair helps combat detrimental effects of sitting. Furthermore, real leather is a lot more resistant to ripping or puncturing. Luxurious and opulent, Legender is one of the most remarkable office chairs for the world’s leading Executives.


When Italian design amalgamates with Japanese technology, then History is created. The eminent mastermind behind Contessa Seconda who could revitalize the entire industrial design of the world is none other than Giorgetto Giugiaro. He is popularly known for aesthetically arched and curving shapes, increasingly angular and straight-lined designs in the Automobile industry. Giugiaro constructed the sensational Contessa Seconda.

Compliant with contemporary standards – top-notch engineering in Synchro-Reclining mechanism, Seat Height adjustment, 4-D adjustable armrests, lumbar support, luxe-touch mesh for the seat that is more penetrable and lighter in weight for the backrest, Contessa Seconda is all about organic astute design and elegant curves that exude exotic beauty. She is sleek, elegant, and definitely the cream of the crop in furniture production.


The iconic Leopard Office Chair, imbued with Robotic Technological innovations is unquestioningly a revolutionary breakthrough in the furnishing industry.

Japanese Robotics Specialist, Oki, envisioned new capabilities in the field of robotics linked with the welfare of the human body. Subsequently, a designer at Okamura saw how a robot leg generated by the specialist could jump and land by itself! And thus the Leopard was born.

The driving principle behind Leopard titled “Seat Cradle Design” is the cornerstone of the paraphernalia. With robot leg technology, Leopard intuitively provides continuous support for each and every posture change, and one is literally cradled like a Parent would cradle the child. Look for more out-of-box thinking and optimize your outputs this very moment!


Ergonomic and futuristic, SABRINA is one of the most sought-after office chairs that boasts a Synchro-Reclining feature wherein the seat and backrest are synchronized, yet they tilt separately. The gas-lift with an attached lever located underneath the Chair enables you desired height control.

The Waterfall Seat Design with its distinctive model of curved contouring on the front edge of the seat is conducive of health benefits. Suitable to accommodate people of all body types. She is truly a work of outstanding artistry. 


An effective Partnership devoted to design and innovation, with key elements of collaboration, communication, and commitment, witnessed the advent of a cutting-edge ergonomic office chair – BARON.

This office chair is the brain child of Japanese furniture brand Okamura, and world-renowned Italian design firm Giugiaro Design. The mesh back and seat cater to all physiques, whilst the unique ankle-tilt reclining mechanism works in sync with body movement. On wheels for extra mobility, known for its durability, the Baron Office Chair effectively meets the complex needs of today’s workspaces.     


Office furniture is keeping abreast of the times by introducing many smart integrations to suit the individual needs of personnel. With Okamura’s Sylphy, embrace the cutting-edge technology and attain a specialized and customizable office chair!

Intriguingly, Sylphy Office Chair accommodates all body types. The unique back curve adjustment enables more personalized comfort support for the back, while a narrow curve suits a small stature and a gentler curve fits larger builds. The seat pad of the Sylphy Work Chair emphasizes a 3D curve to enclose the hips and provide more repose by assimilating three different stages of densities. Sylphy has proven to be a top-notch office chair that promotes an ergonomic posture.


Posture, comfort, support and health are considerations while choosing an ergonomic office chair. With Portone, the optimal seat height feature will allow you to place your feet flat on the floor. This chair will allow the seat to tilt, which allows for correct positioning of the pelvis.

With the provision of Backrest Lumbar Support, Portone Office Chair by Okamura supports the natural ’S’ shape of the spine, which prevents slumping and reduces stress on the spine and the pelvis. The Deadrest supports the back of the head and the upper neck, reducing tension in the shoulders and upper torso. Thus, the health benefits of Portone are manifold. Spaces that encourage well-being, creativity and intellectual involvement beckon you!