A perfect example of the most grandiose Italian contemporary architecture desk.

BERNINI Italian contemporary Executive Office Desk by Ora Acciaio is a collection that features essential and geometric lines coupled with robust surfaces and tapered edges. It is a study of joints and connections between planes managed by a cross-shaped element reminiscent of the “piloni”, columns and projecting and receding elements reminiscent of the Architecture of Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Clean forms and lines are emphasized when the legs/frame are left open, without intermediate panels. The lightness of the supports create an elegant contrast with the important mass of the work surface and its baroque frame. The furniture is perfectly representative of Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s artistic conceptions.


Beauty is a gesture. Rho Executive Wooden Desk designed by Ora Acciaio.

Named after a Milan banlieue (an outlying housing development in a French city), the name Rho mirrors this disjointed panorama – the landscape of our being city dwellers – and thus takes on further connotations. Rho is the summa of various meanings and the imaginary formula for mysterious passages and liturgical codes.

The collection includes tables, desks, containers, drawer units, bookcases but in fact includes a series of individual pieces which can practically be assembled according to personal requirements: two L-shaped legs in different sizes, a biscuit or cuttlebone shaped flat surface, metal spacers/supports, different solutions for panels, feet derived from the shape of the spacers, monolithic monumental drawer units and constant distortions of all of the above. The principal material is wood, two species with an interminable range of rich combinations. Each type is to a certain extent a matrix of the other, from wengé to zebrano and vice versa. A combination which bears a resemblance to our own conditions as citizens of the modern world.


Awe-inspiring and resplendent.

The new and high directional FLUTE collection, designed by architects Lucci & Orlandini is reminiscent of the high lifestyle, forms and materials of the fifties.

The Design of the Executive Furniture series exhibits feelings of nostalgia, but the concepts of modularity, interchangeability, electrification and accessories are at the forefront. Co-create your personal space today with our Office Furniture options.


Unquestionably a designer work desk that dares to challenge current conventions

When semiotic rigor and technological statement invade the executive microenvironment; when sophisticated tones juxtapose between transparency and opacity, when stylish configurations merge with valuable medium, then you know a Design office desk composition is born.       

OYSTER is a traditional designer desk by ORA with Ash Wood Veneer legs and an elegant leather blotter is rendered contemporary, with lightweight forms and assured prestige – thanks to the shaped cornice of the work surface, fitted with easy access to cabling and a stationery drawer. It is the ideal aesthetic/functional wooden desk solution for a minimalist and efficient work environment. The assembly of different design desks in unrestricted arrangements using common structural elements offers obvious aesthetic and economic advantages.


Roberto Danesi is the significant man behind TRIMAT Executive Desk. The basis of his creations rests in the blend between ergonomic, technological, economic, productive and distributive requirements. With every single design that he has produced, he strives to create a pleasing office ambience and complete user satisfaction.

The elegant post support bracket of TRIMAT Executive wooden desk is finished in exquisite materials such as large ceramic panels. It supports the work surface, rising up from the L-shaped profile in chrome plated metal to intersect the work surface, transporting the wiring and cabling neatly concealed inside it. This design is rare, it is global, it is unavoidable!