The privacy screen/desk dividers are crucial in transforming a dull workplace into an exuberant and healthy working environment. Minimize intrusions by saving employees from visual distractions with Rockworth’s SERIES 45.

The easy removal, re-assembly, and re-positioning of privacy screens is hassle-free. The screen panels come in a plethora of colors to choose from. SERIES 45 offers smart and easy way to manage all your cable mess – here, all cables can be dropped down from anywhere along the work surface and conveniently housed and connected with the outlets underneath. Standard shape and L-type desks available with multi-hierarchical drawers.


LINK is a very practical solution for a rapid shift in the work scenario – it is a mobile folding table that can be instantaneously used in training, lecturing, classrooms, workshops, conferences, convention halls, and so on.

This Office Workstation series by Rockworth is available in 3 shapes – rectangular, trapezoid, and hexagon. The new leg design is indicative of easy nesting and a space saving solution. Modesty, 1.2 mm. epoxy powder coated steel, is provided for all tables. Table ganging connectors easily link table tops for more adaptable configurations, are easy to install, easy to operate, and make joining tables a cinch. The wiring configuration can be attached with top of table. It has 2 locking casters, which allow you to roll it easily and to park it safely when you aren’t using it. The lock feature not only prevents the table from getting in the way, it keeps it from slipping while you’re using it. LINK is indeed a very hands-on resource for your training purposes! 


“LEAN” Workstation Series by Rockworth is a fully modular and stackable panel system, which provides great flexibility in redoing the layout of the office floor plan. Extremely user friendly, easy to install and dismantle while relocating offices. Stackable and de-stackable frames allow for varying levels of visual and acoustical privacy.

Aesthetic / Function

  1. Wide variety of tiles, including tackable acoustic panels, glazed, debossed, perforated, pass through, fabric, wood, whiteboard, mesh and functional tile element. Both visual design and function can be tailored to meet the demands of the project, and customized within individual workstations.
  2. Extended stacking tile with glazed element (Up to 1800W) creates a seamless impression and to increase the usage of natural light in the office environment.
  3. Both leg panels and base trim panels are available to fulfill both see through and enclosed privacy to fit the office environment. 
  4. The power access can be placed above work surfaces, below work surfaces and at floor level. 
  5. Can be integrated with other existing product line of Rockworth.


SERIES 77 is suitable for open office areas enabling workforce to freely exchange ideas and at the same time maintain privacy.

Worksurface size and shape, storage components and accessories can be selected, positioned and adjusted to enhance both individual productivity and the flow of shared information – the configuration possibilities are endless. Variations in panel height and surface materials can create a distinctive look consistent with your corporate image and interior design program. Create your personalized workplace today. We at Al Reyami Office Furniture, provide tailor-made solutions that align with your dynamic & growing business strategies.  


Thin Panel Systems create boundaries and privacy in the office with the flexibility to adapt its design to the changing needs of people and spaces. Durable, and of superior fit, the SERIES 87 Office Workstations can be stated with combinations of fabric, glazed, open and slat wall sections to create the desired work environment.

The SERIES 87 panels are equipped with a set of self-leveling connectors that accommodate any angle, including straight, 90-degree, three-way T, and 120-degree configurations. SERIES 87 is an ideal solution for offices where space is a noteworthy consideration.  



Slim Edge Panels are a perfect solution to optimize sparse office spaces, by breaking up available space to allow for optimum utilization of the workspace. Encapsulated setups like this shield computer screens from prying eyes of unauthorized people, and therefore, help to maintain information confidentiality and compliance. Especially where modern workplaces are gravitating towards an employee centric model, as maintaining a vibrant and congenial environment becomes instrumental to business success. Many employees, especially millennials, prefer to customize their work area for a personal touch.

a.LINE offers the alternate of the use of vertical space utilization for accessories either on its top cap or function tile. The design of a.LINE is bold and simple and yet highly functional. An ideal choice is to use a.LINE’s full glazed element panel that renders a transparent look which thereby, makes the area look spacious. The usage of daylight instead of electric light reduces the amount of the use of energy.  

The combination of LEAN and a.LINE generates an assortment of possibilities

in assembling a powerful Workstation. The aggregation of both stackable tile frame and monolithic tile frame provides almost infinite capabilities for office seekers.