For over 4 decades, the Studio of Favaretto & Partners has specialized in the design, prototyping and industrialization office furniture, technical seating (executive armchairs, operational chairs) as well as community seating. They conceptualized DAMA for SESTA – Executive Furniture series that is comfortable, beautifully crafted, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and one that creates harmony and balance in the surroundings. Upholstered in Plain as well as Striped with front  stitches, this chair is visually appealing and offers you optimum comfort on a whole new level. The Headrest feature provides additional cervical support and comfort and CT1 tilt mechanism with high and low backrest.   

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JADA is an Executive chair offering you a grand seating experience with a headrest, and high or medium backrest. Mechanisms: Synchro SY109 (self-adjusting) with seat translation (op. SLYJ) and central oscillating A19. Guests swivel only, with high or medium back (full body), with base “Spider” or base with 5 spokes or flat base in stainless steel (only with medium back) combined with the automatic return “Torna” (not adjustable in height). Armrests and bases in polished (LU) or black painted (N) aluminum. Built with advanced ergonomic design using the top material composites available, JADA provides custom fit support for optimum ergonomic performance.

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SILVER 2100 has a commanding form with a high back and wide breadth that gives off an air of austerity. A huge component in ergonomics is customizability. This office chair can be adjusted to fit different body types and sizes from day to day. Additionally, you want a chair that fits your office style and branding. Invest in quality materials that will stand the test of time. If flexibility is important to you in your conference room, look no further than SILVER 2100

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