CANAPE is the collection of two and three-seater sofas and armchairs, made of good high quality wood for maximum comfort and longevity. Sofas are great to possess at work-Lounge Seating. The cushioning material used in CANAPE is one of the most versatile materials ever created, namely, polyurethane foam. This foam provides 3 primary functions in upholstered furniture – durability, comfort, and support. CFCs are gases that were widely used in the past in things such as aerosols and can cause damage to the ozone layer. This marvelous sofa is CFC-free. The GL model is enriched with artisan stitching with a square pattern. Bring a new level of sophistication and ease to your workplace with CANAPE!


Sergio Bellini is the creator behind this assiduous collection of sofas and armchairs. He propounded the concept of linear geometry in his MATRIX pieces. Two angles are said to be linear if they are adjacent angles formed by two intersecting lines. The back height is optimal to support the back, while the seat depth is suitable for talking and relaxing moments.

The collection embodies SERGIO’S ability to innovate and harmoniously combine natural materials and sophisticated technologies to create both informal or elegant settings with an original design. Upholstery available in leather, eco leather, and fabric to suit your desired needs. Eco leather is a genuine leather where the tanning process is “vegetal”, following protocols that have a reduced environmental impact to protect workers and consumers. MATRIX is a marvel you’d definitely want to check out!


Matrix Matelasse Office Sofa by Sitland – Adorn your workplace with this surpassing beauty today! 

Sober lines, linear geometry, cubic shapes, and extreme comfort is what defines the MATRIX collection. Die-cast aluminum legs, anti-side black gliders are among other features. In the Matelasse version, the back and seat cushion are enhanced by handiwork stitching in a diamond pattern that give it a more classier feel. Available in leather, eco-leather, or fabric.